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Have you answered the why?

Have you answerered the why?

Many times we know what we want and even how to get it, but what really inspires and motivates us is the why we do something. Check out this great TED talk by Simon Sinek.

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Are you in your comfort zone?

Several biological studies have shown that a frog placed in a kettle with the same water as in its pond will remain static for as long as we heat the water, even if it boils.

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about steve

Steve Hevesi is an executive and business coach, consultant and facilitator dedicated to developing business executives’   leadership skills, work performance and self-confidence. He will help you uncover and materialize unseen opportunities.

Steve has 25+  years of international experience in Fortune 500 companies in marketing, sales and general management. He was CMO of Nabisco and Nike in Brazil, COO for the Gerber Baby Products business in Brazil and CMO for Dentsply/Sirona Latin America. He also has 10 years of experience as a business and strategy consultant helping middle market companies and start-ups achieve and exceed their business goals. He believes that many business and managerial issues can be effectively resolved  with a future looking, solution focused approach.

Steve Hevesi

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