How great coaches ask, listen and empathize.

Historically, leaders achieved their position by virtue of experience on the job and in-depth knowledge. They were expected to have answers and to readily provide them when employees were unsure about what to do or how to do it. The leader was the person who knew the most, and that was the basis of their authority.

Leaders today still have to understand their business thoroughly, but it’s unrealistic and ill-advised to expect them to have all the answers. Organizations are simply too complex for leaders to govern on that basis. One way for leaders to adjust to this shift is to adopt a new role: that of coach. By using coaching methods and techniques in the right situations, leaders can still be effective without knowing all the answers and without telling employees what to do.

Coaching is about connecting with people, inspiring them to do their best, and helping them to grow. It’s also about challenging people to come up with the answers they require on their own. Coaching is far from an exact science, and all leaders have to develop their own style, but we can break down the process into practices that any manager will need to explore and understand. Here are the three most important:

Sobre Steve

Steve Hevesi é um coach executivo e um consultor e facilitador de negócios dedicado a desenvolver habilidades de liderança, melhoria do desempenho profissional e auto-confiança em executivos de negócios. Ele ajuda a tornar viáveis as oportunidades ainda não percebidas.

Steve tem mais de 25 anos de experiência internacional em empresas de grande porte nas áreas de marketing, vendas e gerência geral. Ele ocupou a diretoria de marketing na Nike e Nabisco no Brasil, foi gerente geral da divisão Gerber na Novartis e diretor comercial da Dentsply Sirona para a América Latina. Ele também tem 10 anos de experiência como consultor de negócios, ajudando empresas de porte médio e start-ups a atingir e superar suas metas de negócios. Ele acredita que muitas questões gerenciais e de negócios podem ser resolvidas de forma eficaz com uma abordagem voltada para a solução e focada no futuro.

Steve Hevesi

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